Tana Fiber manufacturing

Quality Redefined!

Our company has been manufacturing and supplying of more than 86 fiberglass types to effectively satisfy the demand on the niche market. We manufacture

Water tanks

Our products are developed with you in mind, your problems and needs. You have been our focus point, and being a customer centric company, all our products are designed and manufactured to suit customer’s need and not manufacturing convince demands

Planting/flower pots

Our flower/planting pots are designed to be a grace for your places they fit in. Here at Tana, you can find variety of planting/flower pots with different color, size, and purpose.


Transparent sheets

With our experienced management, including a competent marketing policy, delivery of high quality products, well arranged logistics, innovative company developments and expertise staff, all contribute to make the company a leading supplier of transplant sheets and fiberglass products in general.

Gypsum decor molds

We manufacture and design wider range of gypsum decoration molds which can perfectly match with your demands and expectations. Here at Tana, you can find high quality gypsum decoration molds to beautify your place.


Our core values

Integrity and team work
Customers’ satisfaction
On time delivery
Effectiveness and excellence